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Water Pump Control With Missed Call Using Arduino

Water Pump Control With Arduino


In This tutorial, we make a gsm-based smart motor controlling System. we controlling the water pump motor using the just given the one miscalled.

Agriculture is the biggest industry in India which serves food for more than a billion people every year. Producing many amounts of food is never an easy task, irrigation is one of the factors. Most of the agriculturist’s crop field is situated far from their residence, and just turning on the water pump costs huge for their transportation per year. This SMS-based GSM pump motor controller takes a baby step towards agricultural development, this may not be a revolutionary project but, it may bring delight among agriculturists.

we just need to call the water pump sim card number the gsm received the call and after 3 and 4-sec automated cuts, the call and the water pump motor will be ON and Feedback Message will come “Motor Is Trun ON” When you call again the GSM Received the call and after 3 and 4 Sec is Automatic.

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Bill of Material

We Will use a few components in this project…




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Arduino Nano



16x2 LCD Dispaly



SIM800l GSM Module



5V Relay Module



Red Led



Green Led



DC Water Pump



12V Dc Power Supply



Arduino Nano

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  • Nano Version is the open-source smallest Embedded Development board based on Atmega328 SMD Package Microcontroller.
  • It is a Surface mount Breadboard Friendly board integrated with Mini USB Port. DC Power Jack is not available on this Board, so power can be given through Mini USB Cable.


  • Microcontroller: Atmel ATmega328 SMD Package
  • Operating Voltage (logic level): 5v DC
  • Input Voltage: 7-12 v
  • Input Voltage: 6-20 v
  • Digital I/O Pins: 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)
  • Analog Input Pins: 8

16×2 LCD Display

  • This is a basic 16-character by 2 lines Alphanumeric display. Black text on Green background. Utilises the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset. Interface code is freely available.

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  • You will need a Minimum of 6 general I/O pins to interface to this LCD screen. Includes LED backlight. Works in 4-bit and 8-bit Modes.


  • 16 Characters x 2 Lines
  • Green Backlight
  • HD44780 Equivalent LCD Controller/driver Built-In
  • 4-bit or 8-bit MPU Interface
  • Power Source Required DC 5v


The SIM800L GSM module is a small device that communicates over the Global System for cellular network Communications. The module connects to a Mobile cellular network and transmits data, make voice calls, and sends text messages.

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  • Sim800L Module is a low-cost, low-form factor GSM module based on Simcoms SIM800L chipset.
  • Sim800L module supports quad-band GSM and GPRS networks.
  • The works in a frequency range of 850MHz to 1900MHz. It also works with AT commands.
  • The GSM Module requires a power supply of around 3.7 to 4.2 volts.
  • This breakout board is perfect for applications where size and cost is a constraints. Sim800l gsm module also supports quad-band, meaning it can work anywhere in the world.

Using this module you can:-

  • Send Text Messages (SMS)
  • Make or receive Phone calls
  • Connect to the Internet via GPRS
  • TCP/IP

5V Relay Module

Smart Bike Helmet With Accident Alert System9

  • This is 1 Channel 5V Relay Board Module we just control the relay in different microcontroller Like Arduino PIC AVR DSP ARM.
  • The relay module is used to switching the output device.

Circuit Diagram

Now We connected all components with an Arduino nano microcontroller.

  • The LCD Display will be connected to the I2C Module and it has only four connections SDA, SCL, VCC And GND.
  • The SDA Pin is connected to the A4, SCL Pin-Connected To the A5,VCC is Connected to the 5V And GND Will be connected to the GND Pin.
  • The GSM SIM800l Module is connected to the Pin Number D10 And D11. The Tx Pin is Connected to Pin Number D10 And The Rx Pin is Connected to Pin Number D11.
  • we used the LM2596 Step Down converter because the GSM SIM800l Module required the 3.7V to 4.2 Volt to operate properly. we gave the 9V dc Supply and the LM2596 Convert the 3.7V Only.
  • The RED And GREEN Led Will be connected to pin numbers D6 And D7 we used the 5V channel relay module and they will be connected to pin number D4.

GSM Based water pump controling system10

  • We will use EasyEDA Software to design the circuit Diagram.
  • First We Created a new project then we add one by one all component.

GSM Based water pump controling system9

GSM Based water pump controling system8

GSM Based water pump controling system7

GSM Based water pump controling system6

GSM Based water pump controling system5

Source Code

  • we used the Arduino ide software to edit the code and then you select the proper Board and then upload the code

  • fist we need to change the mobile number and upload the code to a microcontroller.

Project Demo

  • when you turn on the system the LCD will display the welcome message and show the Real status of motor conduction.I mean Motor will be On And OFF.

GSM Based water pump controling system0 e1673932736978

  • When you call the GSM Module They received the call and after 3 and 4 sec automatically cut the call the relay will turn On the motor and after a few sec the send feedback message will come “Motor Will be Turn On”.

GSM Based water pump controling system1 e1673932855821

  • And if you call again the GSM Module Received the call and 3 and 4 sec later cut the call and the relay will be OFF motor Will be oFF After a few sec later the feedback message will come “motor will be Turn Off”

GSM Based water pump controling system2 e1673932886884

  • The Red Led will Indicate the motor is OFF Conduction And the Green Led Will Indicate The Motor is On Conduction.

GSM Based water pump controling system3 e1673932904687

Video Tutorial


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