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ESP32 LM35 Temperature Sensor

LM35 Sensor Interfacing With ESP32 Board


In this Article, we interface the LM35 Sensor with the ESP32 Board And Display the Reading in the serial monitor,16×2 LCD Display And Oled Display.

LM35 is an anloag sensor and measures the temperature in the ESP32 Board we Connect the sensor to Pin Number D32.LM35 Sensor has 3 terminals available. The first one is VCC, the middle one is a Data pin And the third one Is a GND Pin.

lm35 sensor

You Used The LM35 Sensor In Various fields which provides Real-Time data And is also suitable for all microcontrollers.

Guide For How You Install ESP32 Board  In Arduino IDE software.


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Zero PCB



  • The ESP32 Board Is Integrated with Wi-Fi And Dual-Core, Low Power Bluetooth, Low  Power Consumption, and High performance.
  • ESP32 Is a small board With many pins available To Connect to the input and output Devices.
  • Compared to the Esp8266 Board, so many Analog pins are Available On the ESP32 Board and it Takes Low Power.

ESP32 Baord

The LM35 sensor is a temperature-sensitive element, typically made of a solid-state material such as silicon. This element exhibits a linear change in electrical properties in response to temperature variations.


  • LM35 temperature range is -55 °C To 150 °C
  • The max voltage is = 1500mv
  • The LM35 Sensor is a 10bit ADC and is 1024-bit (0-1023)
  • Let’s calculate Resolution = Vref / Step Size
  • Vref is Arduino Output Voltage = 5v
  • Step Size = 1024

Motion Detection And Temperature Monitoring System Using Arduino6 e1686747242578

Specifications of the LM35 Sensor

  •  -55°C to +150°C Temperature Range.
  • The output voltage has a scale factor of 10 mV/°C.
  • Calibration accuracy of ±0.5°C.
  • 4V to 25V Power Supply Required.
  • 60 µA Current Consumption.
  • The LM35 sensor has low self-heating characteristics.

Circuit Diagram

In this Circuit Diagram, We Connect the LM35 Sensor to Pin D33, VCC To 5V And Gnd Will Connect To the Ground.

LM35 Sensor 1


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Working Photo

First, we sold the ESP32 Board in a Zero PCB.


Now We check the LM35 Sensor Reading in a Serial Monitor.

ESP32 LM35 Temperature Sensor2

Serial Monitor OUTPUT.

ESP32 LM35 Temperature Sensor1


In this project, we interface the lm35 sensor with the ESP32 board and take readings in a serial monitor.LM35 Sensor measures the temperature.

ESP32 DHT11 Sensor

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