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GSM Based Water Level Monitoring System Using Arduino

Overview of Project

In This Project, We Make a water level monitoring System using Arduino Nano microcontroller And Gsm Based.

Water Waste is a very common problem in our world. is Soo many homes fill the tank with the help of the water pump but sometimes the water pump full the tank but is automatically not Motor to off that’s time water is overflow.

This project help to indicate the water level of the tank suppose the motor fills the tank and the water is level with the tank that time the motor is automatically off, And the GSM Module Send the Full message to the owner your Water Tank is full.

In this Project, I used the Arduino Nano Microcontroller,16×2 Lcd Display, GSM Module, Float Sensor, Buzzer, Led, And Buzzer.

Bill Of Materials

The GSM-Based Water level Monitoring System Requires the Following Components.




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Arduin nano



16x2 Lcd Display



10k port



Lm2596 Voltage Convter



Sim800l Gsm Module



Float Sensor



Green Led



Red Led





Circuit Diagram

Here is the circuit of this Project, You Also See the All Components Connection to This Project.

Float Sensor Based water Level Monitoring System
Float Sensor-Based Water Level Monitoring System

This project is required to 9v Dc Power Supply Is Impotent To this Project. We Used The Sim800l GSM Module And required The 3.7v Dc Supply, That’s why I Used The LM2596 Step-Down converter the Convert the 9v Dc Supply to 3.7v Dc Supply. The Gsm Module is Connected to the PIN D2-Rx And D3-Tx.

Sim800l gsm Module
Sim800l gsm Module

16×2 LCD, they will show the water level of the tank Suppose the water level is empty then LCD Will Display the water level is empty and if the water level is Full they Display Ware Tank Level Is Full.the 16×2 Lcd Display Will Content To The Pin Number D12,D11,D10,D9,D8,D7 And Vcc To +5v ,GND TO GND.

These Are The Impotent Connection Of This Project And The Float Sensor Is an Electromagnetic Type Of Sensor Connected to PIN A1. led Will Content To The PIN D4 And D6 Buzzer Will Content to PIN D5.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram
Block Diagram

In This Block Diagram, I will Just Show The Input And Output Device Like Input Device Is a Float Sensor And the Output Device Is a 16×2 Lcd Display, LEDs, Buzzer And GSM Module.


Flow Chart

Flow Chart
Flow Chart

This Image Will Show The Total Working flow Of This Project means How The Project Will Work Step by Step.

First You Start the System I mean Microcontroller and All Input and Output Devices will Activate and is ready to take action.

And The 16×2 Lcd Will Display The Welcome Text Message “Welcome To JustDoElectronics” Then Show That The Flow Sensor Conduction Like will be High Or Low.

Suppose the tank Is Empty then Is Float Sensor Will be Low Suppose The Motor Fill The Tank Float Sensor will be HIGH That’s the time GSM Send a Text Message To Particular Mobile Number. The Water Tank Is Full Plz Turn Of The Motor.

And When You Understand The Flow Chart Of This Project Then I think Is clear In the Code Section.

Source Code

This Source Code Is written In Arduino IDE Software You Just Copy This Code And Paste it into the Arduino IDE Software Select the Arduino Nano Board And Upload It.

Before you upload you Just Change Your country code and Mobile Number here

Now you just upload the Code In Arduino Nano Microcontroller


Testing Of This Project

Now The Float Sensor Is Low And Is Sending The Text Message Water Level Is Empty.


Now This Time The Float Sensor Will High And Is Sending the Alert Message to Mobile Number Your Tank Will be Full.


Check the Message


Video Tutorial




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