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Smart Irrigation System Using New Blynk App

Smart Irrigation System Using ESP8266 & New Blynk App


Hi Everyone, in this project we will discuss an IOT-based irrigation System using the new Blynk app.

the smart irrigation system has so many scopes to automate the whole irrigation system. here we are making a lot-based smart irrigation system using the ESP8266 Controller and will also send the data to the new Blynk application to keep track of the land condition. the system will consist of a water pump which will be used the sprinkle water depending on the land’s condition such as moisture, temperature, and Humidity.

First, we are going to see why we are doing and then we see which components we used and after we see the step-by-step procedure to make this system.

Why are you making this?

we are doing this is controlling our small farm activity independently from anywhere in the world. also, we can monitor the real-time data on the screen of our mobile. we also understand the various environmental conditions we also used various sensors from this tutorial.

These are the Advantages of this System

  • Should work autonomously by sensing soil moisture levels.
  • It also Operates battery or solar.
  • control the whole system in an automated fashion.
  • Be extendable to any number of zones relatively easily.

Bill Of Materials




LInk To Buy





16x2 LCD Display



DHT22 Sensor



Soil Mositure Sensor



5v Relay Module



Water Pump



Zero PCB



ESP8266 (NodeMCU)

Here We just Show the Pin Diagram Of The ESP8266 Board On the Right showing all Digital GPIO Pins available.

NodeMCU V3 1024x721 1


In this ESP8266 Board Is Only One Analog Pin Avilabe And They are connected to the Soil Moisture Sensor.

16×2 LCD Display

Here we used the 16×2 LCD Display and they will be connected to the I2C Protocol

  • VCC-5V
  • SDA-A4
  • SCL-A5


DHT22 Sensor 

It Measuring The Temperature And Humidity And They Will be Connected To The Pin Number D3

  • VCC-5V
  • Digital Pin-D3


Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor measures the soil water level in the earth and sends data to Blynk App The Will is connected to Pin Number A0.

  • VCC-5V
  • Analog Pin -A0
  • GND- GND


5V 1-Channel Motor

Here We Used The 5v relay module and they are well connected to PIN D5.

  • VCC – 5V
  • Relay Pin – D5
  • GND – GND 


DC Water Pump

Now I will Just Show The Connection between The Water Pump and the Relay Module

water Pump Conected To the relay module e1672250257598


Block Diagram

Screenshot 2022 12 28 at 9.31.40 AM

Circuit Diagram

circuit diagram 2

Blynk App Setup

Now, we created the New Blynk Application


Blynk app


Screenshot 2022 12 24 at 8.43.41 PM


Soil Mositure Sesnor


Soil Mositure Sensor

Source Code

Before You Upload the code You just change these things

Now Select The Proper Board And then Upload The Code

GitHub e1697076839430

Demo Of Project

Now Is the Time To test our project. we just turn on the Power Supply and open the new blynk app.

Now Is motor will be Off-conduction and the moisture level is also 0.

Demo Of Projectss5

when I put the moisture sensor in the water motor will be on and the blank app show the moisture level

Demo Of Projectss3

Now we will just display the DHT22 sensor data in LCD Display and is show that the temperature  26 c and Humidity will be 68%

Demo Of Projectss2

Now the Moisture level will display o in a 16×2 LCD because of the sensor is not detecting water.

Demo Of Projectss1

when I put the sensor in water the display the moisture level in LCD Display is 56%

Demo Of Projectss0

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