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Home Automation With ESP32

Home Automation With ESP32 Using Blynk App


In this Article, We Try To Build An ESP32-based Home Automation With the new Blynk App.We control the home application LIke TV,FAN,LIGHT,ETC with the mobile app and Blynk webserver.

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Bill Of Material




Link To Buy


ESP32 Board



2 Channel Relay Module



Power Source


Component’s Overview

ESP32 Board

  • The ESP32 Board Is Integrated with Wi-Fi And Dual-Core, Low Power Bluetooth, Low  Power Consumption, and High performance.
  • ESP32 Is a small board With many pins available To Connect to the input and output Devices.

ESP32 Baord

  • Compared to the Esp8266 Board, so many Analog pins are Available On the ESP32 Board and it Takes Low Power.

Relay Module

2 Channel Module is Used A wide range such as Arduino,PIC,Raspberry.

1 Channel Relay Module But In This Project I Used 2 Channel Module

Components1 1


  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Max Current : 20mA
  • Relay Contact Current Capacity at AC250V: 10A
  • Relay Contact Current Capacity at DC5V: 10A

Circuit Diagram

ESP32 With Relay Module

In this Circuit Diagram We conected the 2 channel moduel to Pin Number D12 & D14 on ESP32 Board.

Blynk App Setup

Blynk App

Create The Template

Screenshot 2024 01 04 at 7.09.13 PM

Now, We select the Switch, edit the names LIGHT1 & LIGHT2, and select the Virtual Pin V0 & V1.

Screenshot 2024 01 04 at 9.22.02 PM

Screenshot 2024 01 04 at 9.22.14 PM

Now App will be ready then copy the token ID and paste a Code.


GitHub e1697076839430

Project Explanation

Now the System will Power Up and Reday to used the projects.the webserver and mobile app also conected to the ESP32 Board.

When we click the On/Off Button then AC Blub will turn On/off.

ESP32 Based Home Automation1

Now the Both Switch Will On And Is display on Conduction in Blynk Mobile App As Well As Webserver.

ESP32 Based Home Automation2


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