Arduino Projects

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that consists. It provides a user-friendly way for hobbyists, students, and professionals to create and prototype electronic projects. Arduino boards are equipped with microcontrollers and offer a simplified programming environment, making it accessible to individuals with limited electronics or programming experience. Here We write All Arduino-related Projects articles.

Solar Tracking System Using Arduino

Introduction In this article, we design a simple solar tracking project and make a small power bank to charge our…

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Water Level Sensor Tutorial

Introduction In this article, we design a simple water level monitoring system is measures the water level & displays it…

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Temperature Based Fan Speed Controll

Introduction In This Article, We try to Build Temperature Based Fan Speed control with the Help Of the DHT11 Sensor…

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Sign Language to Text Conversion Using Flex Sensor

Introduction In this article, I explain how I made an Arduino-based Sign Language to Text Conversion project to help Deaf…

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Home automation using arduino and bluetooth

Introduction In this article, I will explain how you used blutooth module and do your own Home Automation Project. Home…

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Vehicle Accident Alert System Using Accelerometer

Introduction In This Article, we design a Vehicle Accident Alert System using an ADXL-335 Sensor, Measuring the Impact of the…

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How To Make A DIY Arduino Joystick Control Car

Introduction¬† Hi Friend Welcome Back, In this Article, we designed an RF Small Robot car with the help of an…

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Flex Sensor Interfacing With Arduino

Introduction In this tutorial, we learn about flex sensors and their interfacing with Arduino nano microcontroller. we also interfacing 16×2…

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Fire Alarm & Motion Alarm Using Arduino With GSM

Introduction¬† In This Article, I design a fire and Motion Alarm System Using an Arduino Nano Board. I connected the…

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Smart Shopping Cart with Automatic Billing System using Arduino

Introduction¬† In this article, we design a smart shopping cart with an automatic billing system. This automated payment system consists…

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