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Flex Sensor Interfacing With Arduino

flex sensor interfacing with Arduino Nano & Measure Bend/Resistance


In this tutorial, we learn about flex sensors and their interfacing with Arduino nano microcontroller. we also interfacing 16×2 LCD Display just show the text message in LCD.

A Flex Sensor is a device to measures the amount of bend resistive change, the flex sensor is made of a variable resistive surface. the flex sensor resistance will change depending on bending. that’s why is sometimes called Flexible Potentiometer.

Flex Sensor5

We learned in Toturial first we interface the Flex sensor with an Arduino nano microcontroller and take the reading in a serial monitor Then we interface the 16×2 LCD and display the different types of text messages On LCD.

Sign Language To Speech Conversion

Bill of Materials


Components Name


Buy LInk


Arduino Nano



16x2 LCD Display



Flex Sensor



Resistor 10k 



10k Pot


Component Overview

Flex Sensor

Flex sensor

Usually, the flex sensor is put on some surface and the resistance will change depending on the bending and how much band you the flex sensor. since the resistance is directly proportional to the amount of the bend.

market flex sensors are available in two different types and Sizes:- 1.2.2″(5.588cm) Length and 2.4.5″(11.43cm) length. and the width of the flex sensor is 0.6cm only.

Flex Sensor 1

flex sensor Type

  • Conductive ink-based flex sensor
  • Fiber optic flex sensor
  • Capacitive flex sensor
  • Velostat flex sensor

How do we interface the flex sensor with any microcontroller?

Flex Sensor Circuit

The Flex sensor is a variable resistor, the read by connecting it with a fixed value resistor of 10komh. the voltage divider network is required. One end of the flex sensor is connected to the GND and the other end is connected to the analogue input point like A0 of Arduino nano microcontroller. A 10kohm resistor is connected between A0 and +5v.

Circuit Diagram

Now interface the flex sensor with the Arduino nano board and calculate the value in the serial monitor.

Flex Sensor With LCD


For Raw value In Serial Monitor

Final Code

GitHub e1697076839430

Project Demo 

  • Now When we upload the code and give the proper power supply to the Arduino nano board the LCD the welcome message and displays the “Please read All Text” Message.

Flex Sensor4

  • Now We band the fist flex sensor the distance will change and Display the “Hello” message on the LCD Display.

Flex Sensor5

  • We Band the second flex sensor and then on this LCD we display the “Help Me” Message.

Flex Sensor3

  • When we band the third flex sensor the LCD will display the “Save Me” message.

Flex Sensor2

You Also change the text message in a code and then you upload the code and use it.



In this project, we learn about the flex sensor and how we take a reading in serial monitor and LCD. you also used the reading and did so many different tasks in your requirements.

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