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DS18B20 Sensor Arduino Tutorial


In This Tutorial, I will show how you interface the DS18B20 Sensor With Arduino Nano Microcontroller And How You Write the Code.

DS18B20 Is a 1 Wire Digital Temperature sensor It Gives up to 12 bits of precision from the onboard digital to Analog work great with any microcontroller using a single digital pin If you Want to connect Multiple ones to the same Pin, Each one has a unique 64-bit ID Burned in At the factory to differentiate them.

DS18B20 Sensor

DS18B20 Sensor Is Dallas 1-wire Protocol. when using with a microcontroller put a 4.7k resistor to the sensing Pin, Which is required as a pullup form then DATA to VCC Line.


  • Stainless Stel Tube 6mm Diameter by 30mm long
  • cable is 36″ Long
  • contains DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

DS18B20 Sensor Pinout

Three WireRed Connects – 3-5V

Black Connects – GND

White Connects – DATA Pin 


DS18B20 Pinout

Wiring Diagram DS18B20 Sensor With Arduino

Ds18B20 Sensor1111

Installing Library For DS18B20

Just Download The libraries

Testing Of DS18B20 Sensor

Screenshot 2022 12 18 at 11.03.52 PM

PCB Design

PCB Design3

PCB Design3 1

PCB Design2

PCB Design1

Display DS18B20 Sensor Reading In Serial Monitor

Screenshot 2022 12 18 at 11.00.16 PM



Display DS18B20 Sensor Reading In LCD Display

Screenshot 2022 12 18 at 11.01.57 PM


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