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Smart Shopping Cart Using RC522 RFID & Arduino Nano

Smart Shopping Cart Using Arduino


  • Shopping malls are one of the most popular places to buy or shop for anything. That’s why in this article we discuss how you modify the technology we design a billing system that you just scan the product and they bill well automation generates in your trolly you do not go and wait for a long time for the billing counter.
  • the shopping trolley is designed to just scan the RFID tag and the 16×2 LCD displays the product name and total cost of the product. this technology offers convenience and ease for shoppers to do shopping and enjoy their experience.


In a shopping mall all items in equipped with an RFID tag when a person puts an item in the trolley, its card will be scanned by the RFID reader and display the name, price and total bill of the things inserted to buy it.

the 16×2 LCD will display the all data I mean how much the product you bought and the total cost of the product if you scan the card but you not interested in buying it then you just press and hold the push button and scan the same card the item will remove.

Component Need





Arduino Nano



16x2 LCD Display (I2C)



RC-522 RFID Module



RC-522 RFID Tag



SG-90 Servo Motor



Red Led



Green Led



Zero PCB



9v 2amp charger


Arduino Nano

  • in this project, we used the Arduino nano micro control because is small in size and the cost of the micro control is also less and easy to available in the market.
  • the operating voltage of the controller is 5V.

Motion Detection And Temperature Monitoring System Using Arduino1

RC-522 RFID Module

  • The RC-522 RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) module is a popular and widely used RFID reader module.
  • it is very easy to use and enables you to build various projects involving RFID technology.
  • The module operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz.
  • the module operating voltage is 3.3v.
  • the working on the SPI Protocol.

To Find RFID TAG Number 

RC 522 RFID Module6


  • The RC522 RFID tag, unique identification number or data. It is designed to be read by the RC522 module.

RC 522 RFID Module2


16×2 LCD Display with I2C

  • A 16×2 LCD display refers to a liquid crystal display with two rows and 16 characters.
  • in this project, we used the 16×2 LCD display with I2C Protocol through that’s means only 4 wire connections like SDA, SCL, VCC And GND.


Push Button

  • A 2-pin push button is a type of momentary switch that is commonly used in electronic circuits and systems.
  • here we used the push button because if you scan any product and you are not interested in buying it that’s just press and hold the push button scan the product tag then remove it.



An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a type of semiconductor device that emits red light when an electric current is passed through it in the forward direction. It is one of the most common and widely used types of LEDs.


Circuit Diagram

The circuit Diagram will show All Connection And Pin View How You connected the All Module.

  • 16×2 LCD Display Is Connected to the I2C Protocol Is Used Only 4 Wire SCL, SDA, VCC and GND.
  • RC-522 RFID Module IS connected to the SPI Protocol and is connected to the pins 13,12,11,10,9 to Arduino nano.
  • RED Led Will connected to Pin D6.
  • Green Led Will Conected to Pin D5.
  • Push Button Is Connected to The Pin D4.

Smart trolly usingRc5222

  • If you used the Sg-90 Servo Motor then connect it other wise is not compulsory if you connected then you used a PWM Pin D4.

Circuit Diagram 4

Source Code 

GitHub e1697076839430



  • The Smart Shopping Cart project utilizing an RC522 RFID reader, a 16×2 LCD display, and an Arduino Nano offers a convenient and efficient solution for enhancing the shopping experience. The project combines RFID technology and display capabilities to create a smart and interactive cart system.

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