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Medicine Reminder With Arduino


In this project, we are going to make RTC with Arduino Based Medicine Reminder System for Patients.

Because Many Times Patients forget to take their medicine on the time. and if you do not medicate in a time then is not good. And Sometimes patient also forgets which medicine has to take at the required Time. And is very Difficult for Doctors/fathers/Mothers to monitor patients around the Time. To avoid this problem we have made this Arduino-Based Medicine Reminder System For Patients.

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Bill Of Material

Here Is the All Component List…




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Arduino Nano



16x2 LCD Display



DS3231 RTC Module






Push Button



10K Resister






Zero PCB


In this Image, we Will show all hardware components photos like Arduino nano, DS3231 RTC Module, LCD Display or all small components.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino5 scaled e1673806981858

Arduino Nano

In This System, we have used the Arduino nano for controlling the whole system.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino0

16×2 LCD Display

the time and date will always show on the LCD display And the LCD Will be connected to the Arduino pin D3, D4, D5, D6, and D7.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino1

RTC DS3231 Module 

In this system DS3231 real-time clock chip is used for running the time accurately and to prevent time failure by using a 3v li-on battery connected to the backside. And They connected to the Arduino Pin A5 And A4.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino6 1

Push Button

Set Alarm Time For medication we have used the Push Button and we set our own alarm time.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino5


After The alarm will complete the Led Will Glow And Indicate the box which medicine we take at that Time.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino3 1


The buzzer is turned on when the alarm will be completed

Medicine Reminder With Arduino4


this one is a 10k Pot and is used to very the Brightness of the LCD Display

Medicine Reminder With Arduino2 1

Zero PCB

When I make Hardware first we put all components in a zero PCB And then Soldering it in the back Side.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino7 1

How did it work?

Working on the Project is very simple. when we start this system real-time clock runs the time on the LCD display. and if we want to set the alarm time for medication we have to press the set_button. After pressing this button LCD shows Set Time 1. and then we can select the time we want to set for medication by using the INC Button and the next Button previous process set the time again. After the Second and Third Time Set the LCD display the proper time And Date.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino0 scaled e1674326849514

When Any Alarm occurs LCD Indicates Group Medicine 1Group Medicine 2Group Medicine 3. The modification Alarm time is also fed in Arduino internal EEPROM to save lost data after a failure.

Circuit Diagram

In this circuit diagram, the main part is the Arduino nano microcontroller in this circuit diagram we used DS3231 RTC Module and they well connected to the Arduino Pin Numbers

  • VCC To 5V
  • GND To GND
  • SCL To A5
  •  SDA To A4 

When you start the system real-time clock runs in the LCD Display And LCD Will Connected to the Pin Number

  • D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8 

Medicine Reminder With Arduino0 1

The Time we want to set for medication by Using INC And NEXT buttons Previous Button And They Will Connected To The Pin Numbers A0, A1, A2

Led And Buzzer Will Connected To Red Led connected to the Pin Number D10, the Yellow Led connected to the Pin Number D11, and Green Led Will connected to The Pin Number D12.also Buzzer Will be connected to the Pin Number A6.

Now We Convert The Circuit Diagram Into the Proper PCB with the Help Of EasyEDA Software.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino3 2

Now When We convert in the 3d View is relay locking good you just put the components is these Slots.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino2 2

Now you also see the Back Side View of the PCB…

Medicine Reminder With Arduino1 1

Medicine Reminder With Arduino4 1

Source Code 

The Source Code Of the Arduino Based Medicine Reminder Project and they Written on The Arduino IDE Software.

First We Add a Few libraries and then Upload The Code In the Arduino Nano microcontroller.

Project Demo 

Now all the things are done you just check out the result in a few snapshots. just connected to the Arduino USB cable to the computer and when power is on the LCD will display the Welcome message.

Medicine Reminder With Arduino3

LCD Will Display always real-time and date

Medicine Reminder With Arduino2

With the help of the push button, we set the Medicine group Reminder…

Medicine Reminder With Arduino1

Video Tutorial

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