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How To Make A Wifi Car Using NodeMCU


In This Tutorial, We going to make a WiFi Controller Car Using ESP8266. We just Control the Car With the help of a Mobile Application when We put the Forward button the robot Car Will go Forward Same As Backward, Right And Left.

We Have Described To Step by Step how to do this is your own just read the full article.

Bill Of Materials

These are All Component We Used in this Project




Link To Buy


NodeMCU (Esp8266)



L298N Motor Driver



Bo Motor



Bo Motor Wheels



12v Power Supply



this wifi controlled robot is made using ESP8266 Chip As a control unit to control the Pair of Motors.


L298n Motor Driver

To Control the Pair Of motors, that’s why we used the L298n Motor Diver Module.

L298n Motor Diver Module Required Input Voltage is 12v Dc Power Supply And is Also Given The 5v Dc Output we used to power up your ESP8266 Module.

IMG 2724


BO Motor

Here We used the Bo Motor And The RPM Of the Motor Is 150rpm.

Bo Motor

BO Motor Wheels

Bo Motor Wheels
Bo Motor Wheels

Circuit Diagram

Here is the circuit Diagram For this wifi controller car using the ESP8266 Project. we will control the two dc motors via L298 Motor Driver Ic. I used the L298N Because the Motor Driver is a high-power Motor Driver Capable of running 5v to 35v Dc At a maximum of 25W.

You can Also Show the pic Connection Of ESP8266 And L298n Motor Driver

  • ENA GPIO14(D5) 
  • ENA GPIO12(D6)
  • IN_GPIO15(D8)
  • IN_2 GPIO13(D7)
  • IN_3 GPIO2(D4)
  • Int_4 GPIO0(D3)

NodeMCU based Robot Car

PCB Design

Automatic Grass Cutting Robot3

Automatic Grass Cutting Robot

Automatic Grass Cutting Robot0

Automatic Grass Cutting Robot1

Automatic Grass Cutting Robot2

Now We Attach the Motor Driver Board And ESP8266 Board.

Source Code

First We complete the code and then select the correct board then upload it

now We Need To Change the SSID And Password


After uploading the code open the android app installed on your phone and connect with Wi-Fi Now You can control the Car. to move the robot in the forward direction and when you press the up arrow to move it Backward, Press the Down Arrow key. Similarly to moving the car left and right Direction.

Download Mobile Application

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