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GPS Tracker Using Arduino

Realtime GPS Tracker Using Arduino with sim800l GSM Module


In this article, I design a simple GPS tracking System using the Arduino Nano, GSM(Sim800l) and GPS(NEO-6m). GPS tracker is essential because you are used in various fields like Bike, Car and product tracking Systems.

Most GPS tracking system is available in the market but is too, I decided to design my own small GPS tracking system. The system will send you the location of your mobile phone along with Google Maps. You can request the location at any time and with just one click you check out the proper location.

GPS Tracker Using Arduino

This is a cheaper solution and is a two-way GPS Communication system where the communication is done in both ways with the help of GPS satellites.

Bill Of Material

Here I used a few components first I prefer the combat size, low power consumption and faster response. that is why I used the component.





Arduino Nano



GPS Neo6m Module



GSM Sim800l Module



5v 1Channel Realy Module



3.7v Lithium ion Battery



Zero PCB





GPS Module

BN-220 GPS Module

GPS Tracker Using Arduino5

The Beitian BN-220 is a dual GPS and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module. This means it can receive signals from both GPS and GLONASS satellites, which can improve the accuracy and reliability of positioning data.

To use the Beitian BN-220, you’ll need to connect it to a microcontroller using UART communication. You’ll also need to power it, typically with 3.3V or 5V.

  •  GND, Black Wire
  •  TX, White Wire
  •  RX, Green Wire
  • VCC, Red Wire (2.8V-6.0V)

But Beitian BN-220 is a Costly GPS Module

GPS Tracker Using Arduino6

if you used the NEO-6m Module

GPS Tracker Using Arduino7

GPS module that is based on the NEO-6M. This Module uses the latest technology to give the best possible positioning information.


Here I just show the proper image of the GPS Module As you check the image is a small antenna connected to the GPS Module and is a small LED light Indicator for the signal.

and is connected to the UART Protocol Through just used the Tx and Rx Pin and you can use any microcontroller and its operating voltage is 3.3v to 5v.



  • Operating temperature range:- -40 TO 85°C
  • Supply voltage:- 3.3v to 5v
  • The cold start time of:- 38 s
  • Baud rates:- 9600

Circuit Diagram

I will design the proper circuit diagram so you do all connections correctly and put the SIM card in the GSM Module.

  • GPS Module Is connected to the PIN D7 And D8.
  • The GSM Module Is connected to the PIN D2 And D3.
  • The relay Module is connected to the D4 and All GND Will be Connected to the common.

We Used The 3.7-volt Lithium-ion battery to give the proper power source to the GSM Module.


Circuit Diagram With Neo-6m GPS Module

GPS Tracker Using Arduino


Important library


Before you upload the code in Arduino Nano fist you first change a few things then you upload the code

Here you type your country code and mobile number correctly


First, you give the proper supply turn on the system wait for the signal if both LEDs work perfectly I mean GSM And GPS LED, both modules get the proper signal then you just type the “GETLOC” message and send it to the number when you used in the GSM module.

If GSM receives the message wait for a few min then GSM send the feedback message with the proper GPS Location (Latitude and Longitude).

You turn on and off the bike or car with the help of the message, just type the “ON” message and send it to the GSM received the message and relay will ON, Same as the off condition just type the “OFF” message and send it GSM module receives the message and relay will OFF.

Screenshot 2023 11 04 at 7.50.34 PM

GPS Tracker Using Arduino2



My Experience is that the project works not badly but is required for the improvement of the future I will try to design more perfectly.

If the GPS tracker project does not work then make sure is not the GPS module in signal range just wait for the signal and then use it and also check the GSM Module.

We Have Also built many types of GPS Tracker


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