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Motion Alert With ESP32 CAM (Text SMS + PHOTO)

Smart Security System Using ESP32 CAM Module


A motion alert system is a valuable addition to any security setup, providing real-time notifications when motion is detected. In this article, we will explore how to build a motion alert system using an ultrasonic sensor and ESP32 Cam module. With this setup, you can receive instant alerts and photos on your phone whenever motion is detected.

Component Need


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Ultersonic Sensor



SIM800l GSM Module



TP4056 Module



Zero PCB



3.7v Battery


Esp32 cam Motion Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor5

ESP32 CAM Module

The ESP32-CAM module is an on-a-chip camera module And is a 32-bit CPU. It also provides Wi-Fi connectivity. the ESp32 Cam is a cam-based Microcontroller if you use this microcontroller then you can do various projects related to OpenCV and AI-Based.

Esp32 cam Motion Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor0

  • The Clock Speed is 160MHz
  • Is Low Power 32-bit CPU
  • It also Supports UART/SPI/I2C/PWM/ADC/DAC
  • Built Camer OV2640 with flash lamp
  • Is Support STA/AP/Sta+AP Operation Mode
  • Is Support Free RTOS
  • Is Support TF Card
  • Power Required: DC 5V
  • Temperature Range: -20 to 85
  • External Storage: micro SD card up to 4GB
  • The wireless mode: wifi 802.11 b/g/n And Bluetooth 4.2 LE Module

GSM SIM800l Module

The SIM800L module is a compact size module that communicates over cellular networks. It also supports the GPRS Function. it is easy to interface with any microcontroller UART by sending and receiving SMS messages and making and receiving phone calls.

Esp32 cam Motion Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor1

Module Can Do That
  • Send Text Messages(SMS)
  • Make or Receive Phone Calls
  • Connect to the Internet Via GPRS
  • TCP/IP Protocol
  • The Module Work Only 3.7v To 4.2 Volts
  • Current Required Upto 2 ampere
  • UART Communication Through
  • Send And receive GPRS Data
  • SIM Slides Available on the Backside

Ultrasonic Sensor

An ultrasonic sensor finds out the distance in a very short range of 2CM to 4M with very high easy to interface with any microcontroller like ESP32 CAM,ESP8266, ESP32,And to find out the distance, motion and objects.

The sensor is available in four pins VCC, ECHO, TRIGGER, And GND.

Esp32 cam Motion Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor2

  • Output Type: Digital
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • current required: 2mA
  • Distance: 2cm-400cm

TP4056 Module

TP4056 module is a popular charging module used to charge single-cell lithium-ion batteries. in this module, the charging IC Used TP4056 because it provides constant and linear voltage for charging Single cell batteries.

Esp32 cam Motion Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor3

  • The Module includes in battery connector and indicator it is easy to connect one lithium-ion battery cell and is also short-circuit protection.


  • The Zero PCB Is used To make Any project for demo Purposes we just put all the components in the Zero PCB And in the back side soldering it and with the help of a small wire you just connect to each other depending on the circuit diagram of the Project
  • Here we used the 4×6 size of Zero PCB in the market so many sizes available.

Esp32 cam Motion Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor4

Circuit Diagram

Screenshot 2023 06 19 at 3.58.26 PM

  • The VCC and GND pins of the ESP32-CAM, ultrasonic sensor are connectedto the 5v.
  • The GND pins of the ESP32-CAM, ultrasonic sensor, and SIM800L module together.
  • The TRIGGER_PIN is connected to the GPIO 14 Pin and the ECHO_PIN is connected to the GPIO 15 Pin Number on the ESP32-CAM.
  • The RX pin of the SIM800L module connects the TX pin (GPIO 10) to the ESP32-CAM.
  • The TX pin of the SIM800L module connects the RX pin (GPIO 11) to the ESP32-CAM.

PCB Design

Motion Alert With ESP32 CAM2

Motion Alert With ESP32 CAM1

Source Code

GitHub e1697076839430

Video Tutorial


This project provides we try to make an advanced security system with the help of the ESP32 CAM Module is sends the text message and retail time images of which type of motion is detected. With a motion alert system in place, it sends instant messages to a particular mobile number. the projects will be used in various fields.

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