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MicroPython With ESP32

MicroPython Tutorial Using ESP32


This is one of the best, beautiful, and beginner-friendly IDE available. We will also use Thonny Python to erase and flash new firmware to ESP32 with the help of esptool plugins.

Download the Thonny Python IDE:- Link

Flow The Step 

  • Installing Thonny Python IDE. 
  • Download the MicroPython firmware from:- Link
  • Installing CP210x USB driver for ESP32 :- Link

See Messages on Serial Monitor

First, Connect ESP32 to your laptop via a USB cable.     

Open Thonny IDE, then set the board & port as follows:  

ESP32 With MicroPython


ESP32 With LED

ESP32 With MicroPython5


ESP32 With Push Button & LED

ESP32 With MicroPython4


Traffic Light With LED


ESP32 With 10k POT

ESP32 With MicroPython3


ESP32 With Ultrasonic Sensor



ESP32 With DHT11 Sensor

ESP32 With MicroPython2


ESP32 With TM1637 Matrix Display (I2C)


ESP32 With 16×2 LCD Display(I2C)

ESP32 With MicroPython1

Code For Scan the I2C Pot Number


DHT11 Sensor With 16×2 LCD Display

RC-522 RFID With 16×2 LCD Display

Find the RFID Tag Number

RFID-Based Door Lock

RFID Attendance System


0005720 coming soon page 550


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