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Solar Voltage Tracker Using Arduino

step by step guide voltage monitoring system using arduino


in this article, we measure the solar power monitoring system using Arduino. we measured the parameters like solar panel voltage, Temperature, and Light intensity. Here we also discuss all the components which one we used in this project.

In This circuit, we measure all parameters in analog form we need to first convert into digital format and we take reading in the serial monitor and 16×2 LCD Display.


The list of components we used in this project.





Arduino Nano



16x2 LCD Display



LM35 Sensor



Voltage Sensor



LDR Sensor






Zero PCB


Circuit Diagram

Screenshot 2023 07 12 at 1.46.11 PM

16×2 LCD is connected to the Arduino Nano

  • LCD RS pin: Connected to digital pin 12 of the Arduino Nano.
  • LCD Enable pin: Connected to digital pin 11 of the Arduino Nano.
  • D4, D5, D6, and D7 pins are Connected to the 10, 9, 8, and 7 digital pins of the Arduino Nano.

LM35 Sensor measures temperature in degrees Celsius.

  • It is connected to the Arduino Nano analog pin A6 to read the temperature values.
  • The LM35 provides an analog voltage output proportional to the temperature.

The voltage is then calculated using a voltage divider circuit with resistors R1 and R2.

  • R1: This resistor is connected between the voltage sensor output and the ground.
  • R2: This resistor is connected between the voltage sensor output and the analog pin A0 of the Arduino.

Voltage = (Analog value/resistor factor) * Reference Voltage

Analog Value= Analog Output of Voltage Divider

Resistor factor= 1023.0/(R2/R1+R2)

Reference Volatge= 5V

Take resistor value

R1= 10k

R2= 1k

  • Resistor factor= 1023.0 * (1000/1000+1000)
  • resistor factor= 1023.0 * 0.5
  • resistor factor= 511.5 for up to 10 v

Temperature Sensor = Analog Value * (5.0/1023.0)*100

The LDR Sensor is used to measure the ambient light intensity.

  • It is connected to the Arduino Nano analog pin A5.
  • The LDR Sensor resistance changes with the amount of light falling on it, and this change is used to calculate the light intensity.

RL= 500/Lux

The output voltage of this circuit can be calculated

  • Vout= 5 * RL / (RL+3.3)
  • RL is Load Resistance 

Lux Formula = (2500 / Vout – 500) / 3.3

PCB Design

Screenshot 2023 07 12 at 1.53.35 PM

Screenshot 2023 07 12 at 1.54.24 PM


Project Working 

Here we show the solar panel voltage is 16×2 LCD Display and the solar panel is small that’s why it shows the voltage of 6.13v Only.

Solar Voltage Tracker Using Arduino2

Now we connected to the LM35 Sensor And LDR and then you show all reading in the 16×2 LCD Display.

Solar Voltage Tracker Using Arduino1



In this project find out the solar Voltage, Temperature and light Intensity in future we make various projects related to the solar panel.

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